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Customs clearance, Marine Freight, Rail Freight, Trucking, Warehousing, Container Terminal, perishable cargo.

Ltd. "Wings Logistics" - Wings Logistics Ltd

The main focus of the company "Wings Logistics" Mr. Novorossiysk - a high-quality and multi-service clients in the transportation, customs, and warehousing services, logistics and outsourcing. With years of experience we can say with confidence that, yes! - We have achieved much.

First of all - it's use as-established methods of conducting transactions, and development of new concepts, result-oriented, the work of a highly specialist staff who can steer from any flow without loss of income for the client company's impeccable reputation. And we continue to advance its development!

We value each customer and do everything we can to get your shipment was delivered on time, regardless of the difficulties and circumstances, and the transaction a pleasant and profitable.



We are with you - and that means everything is in order.



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